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Are you a digital ninja?

20 November 2015 by marilyn

Guest post by Hannah Bryant. As a new member of BIS’s digital capability team, attending my first ‘Digital CapabiliTEA’ session, held this time at the Department of Health, was the perfect way to get to grips with how departments are approaching the issue of improving digital skills, whether that’s getting colleagues to listen online or building more innovative services. We have a network of digital buddies in BIS and I’ll…


Digital Fortnight: it’s all about your connections

2 November 2015 by marilyn

This was the third Digital Fortnight that we’ve run within BIS. This year, it was partly shaped by staff – around 300 helped us decide what type of sessions to include via a summer internet poll. We’ve been lucky enough to have great speakers from Microsoft, Google, Helpful Technology, the Nominet Trust, Delib, ONS, the Cabinet Office as well as internal speakers, and sessions on digital transformation led by Emma…


What next for BIS digital capability?

22 June 2015 by marilyn

We’ve been reviewing our approach to building capability, reviewing our offering to staff, and aiming to set out a more strategic approach to building capability across the department. We’re pleased to that this more strategic approach has recently been approved by People Committee – one of the executive boards that run the department. So we’ve got a great mandate to do some exciting work in the months to come, including…


BIS Digital Case Study: developing an orphan works licensing system

24 March 2015 by Margaret Haig

The task As part of our response to the 2011 Review of Copyright by Professor Ian Hargreaves, the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) decided to create a new, digital-only service to grant licences for the reproduction of orphan works – copyright works where the right holder is unknown or cannot be found. The estimate in our impact assessment is that there are 91m orphan works in archives alone, but that is…


Digital transformation ‘in the Den’: a blog by Paul Turner

13 March 2015 by Liz Baldock

Digital transformation: two words that get cast around like loose change in government circles these days. I know because it’s a phrase that I must use myself at least 30 to 40 times a day in conversation and emails. Easy to say, not so easy to achieve. So where on earth do we start? Well we had an idea. At a recent workshop, we challenged Digital and Technology (D&T) Leaders…