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One of Apple’s greatest offerings is absolutely free

5 August 2014 by michaelm

‘The best things in life are free’ sang Luther Vandross. Come on you remember Luther Vandross, 80′s / 90′s RnB singer…no? Well I’d recommend you look him up via Google, download his music on iTunes, watch his video’s using You Tube all on your iPad (assuming you have one). The full capabilities of the iPad and more were unpacked as I sat in the free user workshop conducted by an…


Tips for Twitter users

20 June 2014 by Tim Lloyd

If you’ve been tweeting for a while you may find these tips helpful: 1. If you start a tweet with someone’s Twitter name, for example: ‘@timolloyd …’ Then only @timolloyd, you, and people who follow both of you, will see the tweet. If you want all your followers to see this, you’ll need to begin your tweet with a full stop: ‘.@timolloyd…’ 2. You can now simply copy and paste…


Working at BIS and using Twitter

20 June 2014 by Tim Lloyd

If you’re a member of staff (on a contract or otherwise) at BIS, then you’re subject to the Civil Service Code. There’s some useful information here about how the Code applies to use of social media. At BIS we encourage staff to adopt social media channels like Twitter when: 1. It helps you read about what your audience is saying or thinking 2. You want to promote a very niche…


The uncomfortable truth about email

16 June 2014 by Betony Kelly

Although email is now an intrinsic part of the modern workplace [note: Originally invented by Ray Tomlinson in 1972] many people cite managing their inbox as a major problem preventing them from getting on with their job. No one is immune from an inbox that multiplies faster than proverbial rabbits. A quick search will introduce you to countless companies hoping to sell you software or training courses to help you fix this problem. But…


Where the policy rubber hits the road

12 June 2014 by richardcarter

A hot topic at a recent get together of the BIS policy profession was the opportunities and challenges of policy making in a digital world. The opportunities were clear – for example real time information on how policies were actually working; and the ability to engage with a much wider audience than before. There are also challenges to us as policy makers. Some are cultural, some substantive and some simply…


Purpose, audience, action

18 May 2014 by Tim Lloyd

We’ve been offering digital lunch sessions for the past 12 months or so. They’re very informal and usually involve someone in the team tapping up an interesting colleague or contact outside of government, to come and inspire us. There is usually a link to digital, but it doesn’t have to be obvious – inspiration is key. So far we have found it in bucket loads, from Visa, The Times, FT,…