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You’ve got the Power!

15 October 2014 by michaelm

I think it would be remiss of me not to shoehorn a music reference into a blog primarily about the power of podcasting. I ran the 30 minute session, as part of Digital Fortnight in both London and Sheffield so that it would empower those who attended to create their own audio snippets. For those not in the know ‘I’ve got the power’, was a 90’s hit song from Snap,…


Be a GREAT Digital Content Manager at BIS

30 September 2014 by flopez
BiG screen shot

We are looking for a fantastic Digital Content Manager to work with the Digital and Marketing Teams at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills on the award winning Business is GREAT campaign. The contract will be for 6-9 months based in our London office. We need someone who can hit the ground running and take forword the following responsibilities: Devising and maintaining a calendar of engaging digital content that is well planned…


One of Apple’s greatest offerings is absolutely free

5 August 2014 by michaelm

‘The best things in life are free’ sang Luther Vandross. Come on you remember Luther Vandross, 80’s / 90’s RnB singer…no? Well I’d recommend you look him up via Google, download his music on iTunes, watch his video’s using You Tube all on your iPad (assuming you have one). The full capabilities of the iPad and more were unpacked as I sat in the free user workshop conducted by an…


Tips for Twitter users

20 June 2014 by Tim Lloyd

If you’ve been tweeting for a while you may find these tips helpful: 1. If you start a tweet with someone’s Twitter name, for example: ‘@timolloyd …’ Then only @timolloyd, you, and people who follow both of you, will see the tweet. If you want all your followers to see this, you’ll need to begin your tweet with a full stop: ‘.@timolloyd…’ 2. You can now simply copy and paste…