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BIS Digital Case Study: developing an orphan works licensing system

24 March 2015 by Margaret Haig

The task As part of our response to the 2011 Review of Copyright by Professor Ian Hargreaves, the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) decided to create a new, digital-only service to grant licences for the reproduction of orphan works – copyright works where the right holder is unknown or cannot be found. The estimate in our impact assessment is that there are 91m orphan works in archives alone, but that is…


Digital transformation ‘in the Den’: a blog by Paul Turner

13 March 2015 by Liz Baldock

Digital transformation: two words that get cast around like loose change in government circles these days. I know because it’s a phrase that I must use myself at least 30 to 40 times a day in conversation and emails. Easy to say, not so easy to achieve. So where on earth do we start? Well we had an idea. At a recent workshop, we challenged Digital and Technology (D&T) Leaders…


Going Digital – Nancy’s experience

27 January 2015 by Nancy Bailey

Just five months ago I was warmly welcomed to the world of digital engagement. I’m a Fast Streamer working within the BIS Agricultural Technologies team on a 6-month posting to manage the team’s digital engagement and comms and have led the team to become one of BIS’s greatest fans of all things digital. Broadly, my role has involved communicating and promoting the Agri-Tech Strategy through digital means, and increasing the…