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Going Digital – Nancy’s experience

27 January 2015 by Nancy Bailey

Just five months ago I was warmly welcomed to the world of digital engagement. I’m a Fast Streamer working within the BIS Agricultural Technologies team on a 6-month posting to manage the team’s digital engagement and comms and have led the team to become one of BIS’s greatest fans of all things digital. Broadly, my role has involved communicating and promoting the Agri-Tech Strategy through digital means, and increasing the…


“Have you heard of Small Business Saturday? You have now….”

12 December 2014 by Liz Baldock

I seemed to be coining this phrase a lot last week, as I went to work with the Small Business Saturday (SBS) team. The campaign, designed to get everyone to do their shopping in small businesses in the build up to Christmas (and therefore beyond), is run by a very small team. Just two people run the campaign full time, so some of the BIS Digital team have been helping…


You’ve got the Power!

15 October 2014 by michaelm

I think it would be remiss of me not to shoehorn a music reference into a blog primarily about the power of podcasting. I ran the 30 minute session, as part of Digital Fortnight in both London and Sheffield so that it would empower those who attended to create their own audio snippets. For those not in the know ‘I’ve got the power’, was a 90’s hit song from Snap,…