Package of reform announced for the pharmaceutical sector

    Read the findings of the Focus on Enforcement pharmaceutical review, along with responses from the regulators.

    Findings from the review of the pubs sector published

    Read more about the review and the Home Office response to the findings

    Findings from the review of the childcare sector published

    Read more about the review and the Ofsted response to the findings.

    Business Focus on Enforcement

    Bidding now closed. Watch this space for information about successful applications

  • Ever wanted to challenge or improve the way regulation operates in practice in your sector?

    Ever felt that the way companies are made to implement and comply with the law just doesn’t make sense – or could just be so much better?

    This could be your chance….

    Since 2012 we have undetaken 10 reviews in our Focus on Enforcement initiative.  As a result, significant reforms and improvements to the way regulation is enforced are being introduced. These reforms have been strongly welcomed by industry and regulators. 

    Now it could be your turn! Business Focus on Enforcement will give trade associations and representative business groups, instead of civil servants, the dominant role in identifying enforcement issues and driving reform to benefit their industries. The initiative will also provide the opportunity to present findings directly to Ministers and regulators.

    We are inviting applications from trade associations and other representative business groups to lead reviews examining the impact on their area or sector of the way that regulations are enforced by national regulators and local authorities.

    See the Business Focus on Enforcement area to find more information and apply.  

    You can also follow us on twitter @JoKaczmarekBIS and join in the conversation using #focusonenforce.